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✈︎ Meteorological conditions are observed at aerodromes by means of instruments and visual estimation

✈︎ Local routine and special reports

MET REPORT or local routine reports every 30 minutes.

SPECIAL or local special reports, when threshold criteria of meteorological elements values are reached or passed.

✈︎ METAR reports

Routine METAR reports every 30 minutes.

Forecasts and warnings

TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast)

TAFs are issued every 6 hours and have a validity of 24 hours. They are amended when threshold criteria for TAF elements are reached or passed.

Trend Forecast

Trend forecasts or landing forecasts are appended in METAR and MET REPORT/SPECIAL and consist of a concise statement of significant changes in respect of one or more of the observation elements. These forecasts are issued only for LATI.

Forecast for take-off

Take-off forecasts are issued in written form within 3 hours before the expected time of departure, on request only.

Temperature INFO

It is compiled and sent whenever air temperature values are predicted to be 5 °C or lower, in order to correct the altitude of the aircraft.

7-Day Forecast

A depiction of main weather conditions forecasted at aerodrome area for the upcoming 7 days, including warnings for hazardous weather if expected.

Forecast for the weekend

Provided to the ATS units in order to help better planning of shifts according to the weather expected during the weekend.

✈︎  Aerodrome warnings

A concise information of meteorological conditions which could adversely affect aircraft on the ground, including parked aircraft, and the aerodrome facilities and services.

✈︎ Wind shear warnings

A concise information on the observed or expected existence of wind shear which could adversely affect aircraft on the approach path or take-off path between runway level and 500 m (1 600 ft) above that level, and aircraft on the runway during the landing roll or take-off run.

✈︎ Low level significant weather charts SWL

This chart consists of significant clouds zones and weather phenomena forecasted for Tirana FIR, up to FL150. This chart is prepared and issued every 6 hours.


Occurrence or expected occurrence of specified en-route weather phenomena which may affect the safety of low-level aircraft operations.


Occurrence or expected occurrence of specified en-route weather and other phenomena in the atmosphere that may affect the safety of aircraft operations.

✈︎ Climatological Information

Aeronautical climatological information is prepared in the form of aerodrome climatological tables and aerodrome climatological summaries and is supplied, on request, to aeronautical users as agreed.