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Aeronautical Meteorological Service


The goal of the MET Service is to supply aeronautical users with all appropriate and available meteorological information required for planning a safe, regular and efficient flight.

Meteorological Watch Office shall do every effort to ensure that the requirements of operators are understood and, to the greatest extent possible, met. 

The service is provided 24 hours a day all year round and the users are: operators, flight crew members, air traffic services, search and rescue services, airport management and other participants in the airport administration or the development of the air navigation services.


MET Service compiles and issues various meteorological products for local and external use. The products are divided in 3 categories: Observation meteorological reports, Forecasts and warnings, and Climatology. In addition to these, operators and flight crews are provided with the necessary information with data on the departure airport, arrival airport, alternate airports and en-route information for the entire flight route.