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Aeronautical Information Products

Aeronautical information is provided in the form of aeronautical information products either as digital data sets or as a standardised presentation in paper or electronic media.

Aeronautical information products include:

  • aeronautical information publication (AIP), including AIP amendments and AIP supplements;
  • AIC;
  • aeronautical charts;
  • NOTAM;
  • digital data sets.

The eAIP Albania package includes the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), AIP Amendments, AIP Supplements, AIC and aeronautical charts.

The eAIP is presented in HTML and PDF format for both displaying on      electronic devices and printing on paper.

Effective date eAIP Albania ZIP file with CRC32
11 JUL 2024

Obstacle Data Sets

Obstacle Data Sets for Area 1, LATI Area 2 & Area 3, and LAKU Area 2 & Area 3 are available in AIXM 5.1 and Excel Format.
Changes to the obstacle data set from the previous version are provided in spreadsheets identified by “Changed”, “New” and “Deleted” tabs.

Obstacle Data Set Publication Date Effective Date AIXM 5.1 Excel
Area 1
17 NOV 2022
29 DEC 2022
LATI Area 2 & Area 3
17 NOV 2022
29 DEC 2022
LAKU Area 2 & Area 3
06 MAY 2021
17 JUN 2021

Aeronautical Chart of Albania – ICAO 1: 500 000

The 2023 edition of Aeronautical Chart of Albania – ICAO 1:500 000 was   produced in collaboration with ENAIRE experts using ArcGIS software.

This chart provides information to satisfy the requirements of visual air     navigation. It is also used in pre-flight planning.

Publication date Title
29 DEC 2022