On the occasion of the 13th anniversary of Albania’s membership in EUROCONTROL (European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation), the Albanian Day was celebrated on April 1, 2015.
The event was organized under the auspices of the Director General of EUROCONTROL, Mr. Frank Brenner and Director General of ALBCONTROL, Mrs. Belinda Balluku.
The Albanian Ambassador in Brussels, Mrs. Suela Janina and Albanian Deputy Minister of Transports and Infrastructure Mr. Ylli Manjani took part in the event.
In the presentation of the Albanian Day, were also invited ambassadors and diplomatic representatives, members of EUROCONTROL, members from European air navigation service providers, representatives from albanian community in Brussels, albanian intellectuals living and working in Brussels, friends and people interested in discovering Albania.
The audience was introduced with the natural beauty of Albania, its ancient history, traditions, artistic and cultural values of the country.
The photographic exhibition from the photographer Alket Islami “Albania from the Air”, was presented at the premises of EUROCONTROL a few days before the event and will run for several weeks. Guests were very thrilled and excited to see some wonderful photos of Albania taken from the air.
During his speech at the ceremony, Mr. Brenner expressed his enthusiasm for the activity and his appreciation for the professional staff of ALBCONTROL. Among other things, Mr. Brenner showed his consideration for ALBCONTROL and Albania as worthy partners with whom EUROCONTROL has a fruitful cooperation.
The Ambassador of Albania in Brussels, Mrs. Janina said she is proud of the excellent presentation of Albania in this event. Such events are probably not so important for countries that are already members of the European Union, but are very significant for countries like Albania, which aspire to join the EU.
Mrs. Balluku, in her speech thanked Mr. Brenner for the brilliant idea of organizing such events where each member of EUROCONTROL promotes his country.
Mrs. Balluku also stated that “We Albanians are a people of ancient history but with the youngest population in Europe. The Albanian people have suffered a lot but today we are working very hard to make our dream come true and to become a member of the European Union”.
Albanian Deputy Minister of Transports and Infrastructure Mr. Manjani, praised as a good omen that all guests participating in the event, even though coming from different countries merged together as an important part of this activity, as a large group of friends who dance, eat and communicate with each other; an excellent way to know the history and tradition of other countries.
The Albanian beautiful nature and cities protected by UNESCO, filmed by the air, was also shown during the event in a short film specially prepared on this occasion.

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